Music from the Film Chumo

Jagwa Music Video

Chumo's script called for a sequence of live mchiriku music to be played in Juma's village. Jagwa Music of Mwananyamala, Dar es Salaam, composed a song for the film entitled Mwana wa Kitwana, and performed the song in the film.



In late 2010, Ashimba helped "Chumo" Director Jordan Riber and Music Supervisor Julian Gordon-Hastings by composing two songs for the film.

"We knew that we needed something that was very easy to listen to, something that had a sense of magic to it, and something that we could breakdown into parts for use in the film's score," says Jordan, "and we knew that we could get this from Ashimba. And it all seemed to come so easily for him. It was great to watch. The first song was so good, we just had to do another second."

Click below to hear two of the songs entitled "Chumo" and "Chereko", recorded by Julian Gordon-Hastings and performed by Ashimba.



Juma is a poor fisherman who loves telling tales. Amina is the girl who loves to hear his stories. They long to be together, but Amina's father, Ali, wants a better life for her. Ali finds this in yustus, a rich but self-serving young suitor.

Juma must put everything on the line to save their love, but he must sacrifice more than he bargained for in order to succeed.

Produced in and around Dar es Salaam by Media for Development International (Tanzania) and funded by Johns Hopkins University in association with USAID, Chumo communicates around malaria prevention through the dramatic story of star-crossed lovers.